Terms & Conditons

In these terms and conditions, "us" "we" and "our" refers to POPin Collectables. We are a registered Australian business (ABN 17 172 667 989) and by your use of this online e-commerce store (website) you are accepting the terms and conditions as stated below.


  • All product prices are in Australian Dollar (AUD).


  • Prices do not include Shipping OR Freight and will be added at the end of the check out process.


  • Prices on products are G.S.T INCLUSIVE.


  • All orders over $99.99 are eligible for free standard shipping.


  • Products and price change frequently and we reserve the right to adjust our price accordingly without prior notification.


  • Payment of orders must be in FULL before your order can be finalized & sent.


  • We do no offer CHANGE OF MIND on purchases on our products so please check your order before pressing the "checking out" button and finalizing your order.


  •  We Accept all major Credit/Debit cards,PayPal and Google Pay.


  •  All Retail Packaging images are kept up to date when possible, sometimes designs can change as part of a subsequent release, if this happens we cannot replace any items due to these changes. The item you are purchasing is still accurate to what you ordered, it is just a retail package redesign as per the manufacturer. 


  • We offer a Flat Rate Shipping on all orders across Australia at $9.99 (AUD).


  • From time to time we may update our Terms & Conditions without prior notice. Please check back regularly before use of our e-commerce store / Website.




In the unfortunate event you receive a product that was damaged in transit or a manufacturing error and/or the item is unfit for its intended purpose please contact us at mitchell@popincollectables.com.au OR Phone: 0466691804 IMMEDIATELY upon receiving your package.


 We recognize the importance of your favorite collectables and will usually contact you back within 1-2 business days after receiving an inquiry.


 Please note all damage or defects inquiries on products need to be within the 7 days of you receiving your goods at your nominated address.


Pictures of products and packaging are taken PRE TRANSIT too prove our love & care for your package and its contents to help prevent any disputes.


  •  All refunds are at the discretion of POPin Collectables. Unless your item is deemed defective or is different from what was advertised you will not be entitled to a refund.  


  • We do not accept Change of Mind for refund requests.


  • In the event of receiving a damaged or defective product we may ask for proof of damages and request pictures be sent to our email. 


  • If a product has been found to have a defect or damage and we acknowledge the item is defective or damaged, We will refund the amount you spent and send you out a return label to your nominated delivery address for you to send the defective or damaged item back to us at our HQ.


  • All item returns deemed defective or damaged must be sent back in the items original packaging it was received.


  • All refunds take up too 14-30 days to show up in your card statement.


  • All Refunds will be issued to the exact same card the payment was made on.


  • For Funko Pop! & Funko Soda's please view our damages policy below.





  • This particular toy line and products are mass produced from various different manufactures across East-Asia. Funko have their own Quality Control (QC) for their products to ensure they are fit for us as a retailer to sell.


  •  In saying that they are MASS PRODUCED and minor variations may occur.


  •  This can include but is not limited to, minor paint variations, scuff marks, creases on packaging, dints on cans, stickers included or not included or a different size, Soda Pogs included, not included etc. 


  •  These products have passed Funko (QC) and have been deemed fit for retail markets across the globe by Funko themselves. 


  • We will not be replacing or refunding products that have "minor variations". The products are still fit for their intended purpose, which is a fun collectable toy to play with or display


  • For people seeking a perfect box or product there is simply nothing more we can do as a retailer.


TIP - When collecting Funko "Pop!" or "Soda" we have found museum putty on the feet to save your much loved collectables from falling over works a TREAT and keeps everything safe.


If you have any inquires please contact mitchell@popincollectables.com.au and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days.